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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Ohio

East Liverpool, OH is prime boating territory and Chris Arnott Agency Inc has you covered. Your boat or watercraft opens a whole new world of fun and leisure for you and your family. Knowing when to get your boat insured is an important part of owning a boat or watercraft. Thankfully, Ohio makes it very clear.

To decide whether you need coverage, your safest bet is to give us a call. Take into consideration the size of your boat or watercraft and how much you have invested in it. That brand-new fishing boat equipped with the latest gadgets or that cutting-edge watercraft will need the policy to protect it. For small craft with no onboard motor, the decision is more about the investment you have in the boat or watercraft. Take into consideration your investment into the boat or watercraft and how much damage to it would set you back if you were uninsured.

Now that you’ve decided you should get in touch with Chris Arnott Agency Inc, what can boat insurance cover?

Basic Boat and Watercraft insurance covers:

  • Damage done directly to your boat or watercraft
  • Bodily injury caused by your boat or watercraft
  • Damage caused to property, such as docks, other boats, and other watercraft, caused by the operation of your boat

While that covers all the basics, you will likely want insurance that offers a more comprehensive plan. This can cover damage from fire, flood, vandalism, or theft. Given the adverse conditions watercraft can face, we highly recommend comprehensive insurance for all boats and watercraft. Remember all that expensive, cutting edge fishing equipment we mentioned earlier? Comprehensive plans can also help cover those as well! If you are in the Ohio area, stop in to, or call, Chris Arnott Agency Inc! We write policies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Georgia.

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