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Auto Insurance in Ohio

Motorists must show financial responsibility in Ohio, or the ability to cover the cost of any damage they might cause in an automobile accident. While you can buy a bond or post collateral, most people meet this requirement by buying car insurance. The Chris Arnott Agency Inc. of East Liverpool, OH is here to help you get the car insurance you need.

Liability is the basic legal requirement, but insurance is also about protecting your investment. In addition to liability, it is a good idea to have collision and comprehensive coverage as well. Collision covers your car if you cause an accident, or if you damage your car by hitting an object. Comprehensive is an "everything else" type coverage. It would cover your car if a limb fell on it while it was parked in your driveway, for example.

If you are making car payments, it is likely the lender will require full coverage on your car. If you still owed a lot on your car and had an accident without insurance, you would still have to pay for the car even if it were totaled. It is only with older cars that have very little value, that not having more than liability coverage is recommended. If damages exceed the fair market value of your car, it will be ruled a total loss and you will get the lesser amount of the two if you have an accident.

In some way’s car insurance is simple, but there are several things to consider. Call or visit the Chris Arnott Agency Inc in East Liverpool, OH to get the coverage that fits you and your situation. We realize every case is different, and we will find the policy that best fits you and your situation. Call us today about getting insurance for your car in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Georgia. If you are buying a car, it is a good idea to have the insurance lined up before you make the purchase.

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